LV Mar is the first restaurant to jump in to help celebrate Redwood City's 150th Anniversary! Chef Manuel Martinez, owner of LV Mar on Broadway in Redwood City unveiled “The 150” this week.  Created by chief bartender Eusebio, this seasonal concoction features Tosba Family Mescal, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, apricot liqueur, crushed strawberries, a secret ingredient and a peppered rim to add a bit of a zing. Martinez plans to have the drink on the menu through the year with changes to feature the seasonal fruits.

The 150th Celebration Committee has invited local restaurants and bars to create their own drinks or meals to be part of the 150th Celebration. Co-Chair Dee Eva, declared, “this is a wonderful opportunity for local restaurants to show their creativity and honor Redwood City's Sesquicentennial. We hope that residents will join in the fun and check out all the creations, visiting the restaurants and sharing their favorites with friends. In fact, we hope that community members will encourage their favorite restaurants to contact us to be involved as well!” Get an application to submit YOUR celebration entry!

LV Mar's “The 150”